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Turtle Hatchling Collection

The Turtle Hatchling pendants stand for fragility but yet strength and a long life.


Between March and October Florida beaches welcome 100 thousands of female sea turtles who lay their eggs in the sand. The mature nesting female hauls herself onto the beach, nearly always at night, and finds suitable sand in which to create a nest. Using her hind flippers, she digs a circular hole 16 to 20 in deep. After the hole is dug, the female then starts filling the nest with her clutch of soft-shelled eggs.

After 45 to 70 days later the baby turtles hatch and try to find their way to the ocean. A long and dangerous journey begins on which the hatchlings are vulnerable to predators.

Watching a "hatchling" struggle out of the nest and make its way to the water is an emotional experience. Only the strong succeed and survive...


The pendants of this collection stand for the difficult way of the hatchling to its destination, the ocean.

Symbolizing life´s journey,

which we all have to travel with strength, faith and courage.

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