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Eco-Conscious Packaging

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As the daughter of a bookseller i grew up in bookstores and between bookshelves.

I adore and appreciate books and every time i had to clean out my private library due to shortage of space it was a quite heart-breaking experience.

I always loved the idea to keep old expired editions somehow in the cycle of life.

I decided to pack my jewelry in old book pages from books or publications i get either from my own antiquarian collection or finds from my treasure-hunting in thriftstores and on fleamarkets. Like expired dictionaries, old school-books or magazines etc.

A great idea for everybody to make their own gift bags or boxes without burdening the environment.

 And it´s fun!

 This way of packaging supports the idea of
eco-friendliness and sustainability, with producing as
little waste as possible and keep existing products in the cycle of life.

Beside this i also provide packaging in natural and eco-consious material like jute and recycled paper.

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Ohne Titel.png
Ohne Titel.png
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