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Ina May

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            WHAT I DO

I am a beach lover.

I was born in Germany, grew up in Brazil/South America and as a tv journalist,
author and film-maker i travelled all over the world.
Now i live in Southwest Florida and found my forever home at the Gulf of Mexico.

I had my toes in the white sands of the Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro and the red sand along the shoreline of the Amazon River in South America.
I walked the charming beaches of the mediterranean sea in Europe and the wild Pacific Ocean ones at the coastline of California.

I saw the rugged rocks of Big Sur as well as the beauty of the Cote d`Azur.
The spray from the cool surf at the Cape of Good Hope washed around my feet
and once I lost my heart to the small island of Losinj, which slumbers peacefully in the clear waters of Croatia's Adriatic Sea.

I wandered in the tidelands of the Northsea and explored the seashores of Africa.
And i listened to the silence of the Dead Sea in Jordan.

I had them all.
Wherever sand meets waters - be sure i was there.
But i tell you a secret:
there is no place like Southwest Florida.
This is my home and the shells i find at its beaches are the treasures of the sea and the jewels of the Mermaids.
I love the sight of seashells. Washed up on the beach, sparkling in thousand colours when the sunlight hits on them. I listen to their stories and admire all the tracks their long journey left on them. Every single one already a small masterpiece in itself.
I just try to let them shine a little more...

The beauty of God´s creation inspires me every new day. I feel thankful and blessed.
Live wild and free - in harmony with nature and respect for your fellow creatures.

And always remember when you come to the beach:
take little treasures and memories home -
but leave nothing behind.
"Those who have danced to the very end
Leave only footprints in the sand"

(Tommy Stroller)
- Ina May -

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